Oh dear!

It appears i have f**ked-up and broken my website! Never mind i didn't really like it anyway :-)

The shop is still live if you want to buy one of my videos, and be assured that i'm working on v4 of my new site already.



But why did it happen?

I noticed an unusual amount of attacks against my site (which wasn't surprising as i was running an outdated version of Joomla) and because of my rock-hard security they couldn't break in but it caused havoc with the website anyway.

So i tried to update it to the latest Joomla version and possibly due to my bad coding in one of the plugins, the whole website broke during the upgrade and i was left with nothing but a stack of raw files. I cried, i really did!

The backup was of no use as the database had already been changed and i really could not be arsed to restore the working copy from my home server; i thought it best if simply start again with a clean install of the entire site, upload everything again and the end result should be much better.

Curious Katie